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Effective as of August 4th 2020 all clients must create an account containing a user name of your choice and a verified cell phone number to make any appointments at Premier Spas. Please read these instructions carefully to automatically verify your phone number.

You only need to verify your cell number with us the first time you set up your account. The number you register must be your own cell phone number that we can text you at when necessary.

Please note that land line and text app numbers cannot be used and will not be verified. If you have any difficulties verifying your number please call us on our business line at 416 661-7887 to discuss.

Your privacy is incredibly important to us and your discretion is assured. Any texts we send will come from an anonymous phone number that cannot be called or traced to our business. Texts will always be intentionally vague and will never mention our spa name, the type of business, your user name or any attendant’s name.

Clients are no longer required to call the spa to reconfirm appointments, but please check our website schedule to make sure your attendant is on site, and feel free to double check by phone at 416 661-7887 to confirm that all is in order with your appointment before you come to the spa.

For the privacy and safety of our clients we are now only allowing one client at a time in our reception areas. Please call us at 416 661-7887 from the parking lot when you first arrive for your appointment. If we cannot bring you in right away we will call you back to let you know when to come in. Please be advised this call will be from our Premier business number. This is the only circumstance we will ever call you. If we need to communicate with you for any other reason all contact will only be made by anonymous text via your verified cell number on file.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know by calling us at 416 661-7887 or emailing us at

To verify your cell number, please fill out the following two fields. Verification typically takes just a few minutes and you can then call the spa at 416 661-7887 to make your appointment.

Thank you!

* Must be your own cell phone number. Land lines and text app numbers will not be verified.