Update on Tuesday July 30:

We’re very pleased to announce our Pure location will be reopening on Monday August 10th!  

Don’t forget after August 4th you’ll need to create an account with us to make appointments at all Premier locations.  Please read below for full details.  

We’re grateful as always for your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon.

Update on Tuesday, July 28:

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer! We’ve really appreciated everyone’s support in getting our new systems up and running and wanted to let you know about an important new policy that will take effect after the August long weekend:

Starting on Tuesday August 4th all clients will be required to verify their cell phone numbers through our website before making an appointment. This will apply to all clients, including those who have already visited our spa since our reopening in June.

Verifying your phone number is a very simple, quick procedure that you will only need to do one time. Full details about registering your cell phone number can be found on our sign up page and is now operational.

Please register your number as soon as possible. Once your cell number is confirmed you can continue to make all appointments exclusively by phone.

We no longer require clients to reconfirm advance appointments, but please check our website schedule to make sure your attendant is on shift before visiting, and feel free to call before coming to the spa to double check everything is in order with your appointment.

Below is an outline explaining all our new spa policies. There have been some recent changes so please read everything carefully. We look forward to seeing you again soon!



At this time only our Perla location is open, but please watch this site for updates regarding the reopening of our Pure and Studio 9 locations.

We have enhanced many of our procedures for your comfort and safety while ensuring we are in full compliance with all health protocols and guidance issued by the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto.

All of our facilities are thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners daily, and there will now be an extended time between every appointment for your room to be fully cleaned and sanitized and all towels and linens replaced.

Plexiglass has been installed at the front desk for your protection. All high touch surfaces in the entrance and reception areas are regularly cleaned, and hand sanitizer will be available for your use when you first arrive. Our ladies will use the same room for their entire shift, and will always sanitize their hands when first arriving for your session.

The city of Toronto now requires that masks must be worn in all public places and private businesses. We kindly request all clients to please bring your own mask and be wearing your mask before entering the spa.

Our most important new safety feature is that we now only allow one client in the reception area at a time, and no one is permitted to be in the waiting room. We feel this will enhance your privacy, in addition to providing you with the maximum social distance and minimum social contact every visit.

To make this new level of service possible we have updated our booking policies. It is now mandatory that we can communicate with our clients via text when necessary from a verified cell phone number. Please visit our sign up page to register your cell number. Please also be advised that we do not answer calls from private, blocked or text app numbers.

Clients are no longer required to call and confirm advance appointments at the beginning of the shift. Our website schedule will always be accurately maintained in real time, so if by chance your attendant takes the day off or leaves during her shift this will immediately be updated on our online schedule. Please be sure to double check our website to make sure the lady you booked is still on schedule before coming to the spa.

If you are not feeling well in any way, have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with anyone sick or suspected of having COVID-19, please stay home!

If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason, please contact us BY PHONE ONLY to let us know ASAP. Clients who fail to show up for their appointments without canceling or cancel with inadequate notice will be forbidden from making future bookings.

When you arrive for your appointment please call 416 661-7887 to let us know you are parked and ready to come in. If we are not able to bring you into the spa immediately we will phone you back to let you know when to enter so we can serve you personally and take you to your room right away.

Walk in clients are still welcome, but you must call first and we will inform you when you can come in to find out who is available and meet our attendants.

Our entire staff will be required to always maintain a two metre social distance from each other, so we ask that you extend the same courtesy to our managers and any ladies you wish to meet in our reception area.

Please note that we have recently consolidated our operations and closed our Platinum Spa location. Platinum was our very first Premier spa, and we are tremendously grateful to our many wonderful clients who have visited us there over the years.

We look forward to continue serving you at our Perla, Pure and Studio 9 locations, and hope to see you again soon!

Premier Management